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So, tonight I did a little bit of digging, both emotionally and intellectually, about my own perspective of self.
I realised just how... important prefixes are to my identity. I was laying in bed about ten minutes ago, and as these thoughts kept buzzing around in my head I decided that I was not going to get any sleep tonight until I sat down and did some serious writing.
There are three key terms that define myself, in one way or another, although amusingly between them there are only two prefixes. 'Bi' comes up twice, although it turns out, not in the way that I had been considering myself, and 'Pan' comes up once.
For the sake of the beginning of the explanation I will begin with the term that only comes up once.
Pan. I've never really paid enough attention to realise that there was a different term for the way I view my sexuality, I thought that I fell under the bi-sexual banner, but it never really sat comfortably for me. I am attracted to people. I've never really considered othe
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Sounds of work
Tails wag as sharp eyes
track movement
follow hands, paws and tails
waiting, and not
for their turn to go
through the swinging doors
and emerge fluffier and cleaner
from the room of noise.
The room of running water
of fans and air driers
of soggy humans and wet noses.
Phones ring and polite voices reply
and perhaps a waiting friend
dry and tidy with a ribbon in their hair
becomes joyful at the sound of
the caller's voice.
Minutes later a door swings open
and a buzzer announces
that a parent has entered into
the realm of snuffley noses
and damp humans.
A flood of compliments ensue
as a furry friend jumps
begging to be returned
to their beloved human.
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The Destroyer
I stare through the rain at the impossible car. I as watch feet, encased in impossible boots, reveal themselves. I'm just waiting for the bus, but you, you are proving how impossible you really are.
You dumped me, not the other way around, and yet there you are, getting out of what was our car. The pale blue car we just had to have. You're even wearing the leather boots I bought for you, for our second anniversary. There you are, across the street. Here I am, damp and alone, and I refuse to acknowledge you, or at least in any way that matters. I don't envy you the shoes or the car, but you cannot open that door. It's sacred. If those boots cross that threshold then you have just ruined everything.
I admit, I should be over you, I am over you. But if you go in there, then everything I've worked so hard for...
But you always were that way. Persistent to a fault. I knew who and what you were from the beginning. You were always the destroyer. You used to go through partners constantly, it
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No Refrain
The sound of wheels turning fill my ears
the sound of thread being spun
the quiet shush of sand draining
and yet my sound is silence.
Photos rain down around me
unknown faces, and strange places
but stillness is all I find
the days pass around me, unchanging.
I find myself looking over my own shoulder
remembering who and what was
when and where was this thing I lost,
these people.
It seems as though, somehow,
the world moves on seamlessly
leaving me behind
without bothering to knock at my door.
The day has been and gone when
I had a moment to speak to an old friend,
and tell of how much I miss, and still love them
but the words stuck, helpless, as I tried not to cry.
I once wished that everyone around me
could believe that maybe I
was changing too, maybe I was going somewhere
or doing something that they hadn't, or couldn't.
The truth is...
I was left by the wayside, by choice?
Maybe once, but even then it hurt.
It wasn't leaving, it was falling, collapsing.
I dropped out, and lost my
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Rational Deductions
Essentially, I enjoy rationality. I don't see the need to go, 'this is what I think, so listen,' or 'you opinion sucks, shut up,' because everyone's arguments are in some way valid. They are based on what they believe, and that belief structure is based on how they were raised, their life experiences and a myriad of other things, that can often be minutiae to others if not purely because it didn't happen to them, or if it did their perspective on it is different.
It's an inescapable fact I am a believer.
I can't rule something out,without a logical argument that provides complete facts to deny or confirm it.
God, that cares what every single mortal does on this planet, I doubt it.
The possibility that there may be a being, or beings, that watch us, maybe. Judge us? I doubt this too.
Atlantis? I hope so, and as the only thing to argue against it is that it isn't present right now... so we'll see, perhaps. (I do not necessarily mean merfolk. I mean an island that at one time existed that
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Wolf Dreams
People move in packs fighting over possessions
like scraps of meat, the product of a good hunt.
Gnawing on prized items like a favourite bone.
Snapping out at anyone that dares to interfere.
Teeth flash with false laughter,
while eyes crinkle with the true.
Sleep taken in puppy-piles of two
while dreams of the pack are dreamt.
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Cold Mornings -read comments.-
The hinges that hold my sky together
threaten to buckle and fold
more with every day that passes.
The pressure builds and coalesces
rushing through my veins and thrusting
into my tarnished, broken mind.
The agony that hides within
hides behind shy eyes wanting, wishing,
begging for a place to rest.
This is that cut from shaving
that nicks the artery
carotid or femoral,
it makes little difference.
It hurts and nothing you do
can possibly staunch the flow
it just keeps pumping past
the curled, unforgiving fingers.
Their trying to help
and hold back the tide
but nothing will do
try as hard as you can.
The pain cuts straight through.
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Ludo -flails- by Rhetta Ludo -flails- :iconrhetta:Rhetta 3 3
The Time of Lies
In the cold and sad days
the lonely days that give pause,
a cause for thought
I remember what was
in a time called Lies
The flowers grew and bloomed
along with stupid thoughts
that this would be fine,
that everything would continue
as it always had.
In this time I believed,
that this was me and you
how misconceived was I
because I realised that
this was you and her.
Not me, not I but a silly,
presumptuous personality growing
on my insides, breaking out
like a rash, willing to take control
of what I was supposed to be.
As quickly as she grew I saw
that what I was was never real,
that she was an amalgamation,
of everyone else's expectations.
She and I were never the same.
Her childish, clingy extroverted
performances were simply that,
a projected lie, to herself and I,
to believe that what we were was her,
how very impudent was that.
The reality descended when
the Time of Lies were ended,
and we saw ourselves as what we were,
when the marionette was acknowledged
and as reality set in, we
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Portrait of a Narcissistic Man
Your bloated self-appreciation
coats the words you utter,
releasing the bile with every word,
you chase them away,
with your depreciation.
The fear that cowers,
within your soul
only serves to fuel you.
As the narcissistic drivel
spews from your mouth
the cracks begin to show.
Your cover is blown
the facades you display,
have slowly cracked and faded,
becoming nothing more than  
the portrait of your desires.
The walls you built have been destroyed,
utterly demolished in the face of
your truth, the life you claimed
for yourself, has been acknowledged;
as your complete deceit.
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after they diagnosed my father,
my mother told me,
if she had known,
she would have never had children.
it scares me to think that,
one day i could hear a small voice saying,
“mommy, i don’t feel right.”
“you don’t look sick,”
they say, noticing that i’m not dragging around
an i.v. stand.
noticing that my sweatshirt is black
and not a white hospital gown
swinging around marbled, knocking knees.
“but i’m still unwell,” i say
in a voice that doesn’t shake
and they just look disappointed,
like i don’t fit.
like i’m the skewed painting
on the fucked-up-person wall.
“but,” they say, “don’t bipolar people
usually kill themselves?”
“but i tried,” i say
with my wrists unmarked
and they just shake their heads
almost as if to say
not hard enough.
“poor girl,” they say, looking right at me,
sitting next to my dad as he laughs too loud.
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WINNER...DA Anniversary...Points Giveaway
We had 199 people join the giveaway ( this is the most participants I've ever had for a giveaway or contest) a big thanks to all for playing. * ETA - Someone dropped out right in the middle of me typing the journal and picking the last 3 numbers, so it ended up as 198 playing instead of 199. )
And finally, the winner is.... :iconSoulinTHEgarden: ! with the number 40.
Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:
Timestamp: 2013-09-22 18:09:53 UTC
Since we've had so many players, I've just decided to give out 3 more prizes of 70 points each, the results are as follows...
Random Integer Generator
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Timestamp: 2013-09-22 18:16:07 UTC
Random Integer Generator
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Timestamp: 2013-09-22 18:16:34 UTC
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Timestamp: 2013-09-22 18:17:15 UTC
These people will each receiv
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Polymer Clay Jewelry Pack GIVEAWAY!! :D
waiting for the last few prizes to arrive in the mail!

Happy holidays everyone! I'll be doing a Grandma Thunderpants goodie bag giveaway for New Years. :D For Christmas, I decided to give a gift that keeps on giving! Since I always get asked about where to buy clay or what items you need, I decided to include some very basic things you need to get started on making your very own charms and jewelry!
This starter pack comes with:
- 12 pack of Sculpey III colors
- 1 pack of Premo Translucent
- A basic clay sculpting tool (the purple thing!)
- Set of findings (lobster clasp, eye/headpins, jump rings, earring hooks.)
- 5 feet of silver chain
- A set of 3 circle cutters (your set will be sealed in its original packaging... it hasn't arrived in the mail yet!)
- A mystery BONUS! What is it...!? You won't know until a winner is chosen! (but trust me... it's good.)
This is about a $30 value, and it can be your
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Artwork for Clinique: Bloom by behindinfinity Artwork for Clinique: Bloom :iconbehindinfinity:behindinfinity 1,835 76 Science BFF Necklace by GrandmaThunderpants Science BFF Necklace :icongrandmathunderpants:GrandmaThunderpants 208 44
Attention all artisans: stop undercharging!
As a member of the Artisan Craft community here at DeviantART, I looove to browse around the AC galleries and see what other deviants are up to, what things are trending, and look for up and coming artists to feature in the future. But sadly there's one trend I've been noticing that is very, very bad.
Undercharging your work!
Let's start off with the most important thing. Now I know some cheap buyers love these low prices, but let's be honest cheap buyers-- you're not long term supporters. People who want your work for super cheap are people who will haggle or snag a deal and run. There is nothing wrong with having sales, getting rid of old charms for cheap, or even doing discounts for special occasions but you can't cater to the cheapskates! xD You want people who appreciate handmade items for what they are. And that's a unique, quality piece.
If someone wants to buy all your hard work for just $5, perhaps you could redirect them to Forever21 to get some mass produced jewelry i
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Paint Bomb by reinerobot Paint Bomb :iconreinerobot:reinerobot 2 0
The journey of after and between
Once there was a young girl who was swept away one evening on a magical adventure in another land quite unlike her own. While she was there she made friends, and sang songs, and fought monsters and evil kings and queens and tamed beasts and ate strange and wonderful food. And in the end she came home again, different somehow yet still unquestionably herself, and slept in her own bed, and was glad of everything.
Then, the next morning, she woke up. And she was still herself. And she had still been on an adventure. And her bed seemed much smaller than it had the night before, when she was tired and her adventure had been done. It seemed so small that she had to get out of it, and she walked down the stairs in her pajamas still stained with the magical jam she'd eaten in the forest, when she'd met the tree people, and she was still missing the slipper she'd thrown at a troll, to distract it away from her friend the-boy-who-was-also-a-bird. She walked downstairs and sat down at the breakfa
:iconalizabith:Alizabith 3 7
I didn't want to make a new journal to announce this and bump the giveaway off my page, but!
I just wanted to make a quick announcement! The USPS (what I use to send all packages) recently raised the price of United States first class parcels as well as Delivery Confirmation. To reflect this change, I unfortunately have the raise the price of United States shipping from $2.80 to $3.00. I hope you all understand this change! I do everything I can to keep shipping costs low, but this particular change is out of my control. :( International price will stay the same at $3.50 per package, as it doesn't come with delivery confirmation and is unaffected by this change.
Thank you for your understanding! ♥ Shipping costs will change on the website and Etsy, so there's nothing you as the buyer need to do, except shake your fist at your local post office. ;D
^^^ just to clarify, this has nothing to do with the giveaway. winner doesn't pay shipping costs--this applies just to normal o
:icongrandmathunderpants:GrandmaThunderpants 113 407
Catbus Mobile Charm by GrandmaThunderpants Catbus Mobile Charm :icongrandmathunderpants:GrandmaThunderpants 79 26 Totoro Mobile Strap by GrandmaThunderpants Totoro Mobile Strap :icongrandmathunderpants:GrandmaThunderpants 91 23
9,000,000 milestone +I mean this with all my heart
Several years worth of cheese
Somehow, this silly page has hit 9 million views!
Just to be absolutely clear, I do not think the views make me any better than anyone else. I mean, I'm sure some of those are from people who don't even like me. But I guess my point is that it's crazy to imagine that this page has been opened up that many times, and I can't help wondering where all these hits have come from. And I just feel so grateful that a select few people in those millions have come to be irreplaceable friends to me.
It's been a wild ride with all of you guys through all this time. To me this isn't just a page where I simply showcase my artwork or the cosplay photos my friends and I come up with. This site has opened up so many opportunities for me, and has introduced me to some of the most wonderful people I've met in my life.
It's been a journey, and my interactions with the people here have taught me more than I can express.
Apart from that, one thing I absolutely did not ex
:iconbehindinfinity:behindinfinity 144 141
Pokeball Hairclips by GrandmaThunderpants Pokeball Hairclips :icongrandmathunderpants:GrandmaThunderpants 93 15



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It's kind of sad really, I'm probably the least active user that actually comes on here, I just log in and check my inbox these days >.>

Once again I've completely changed direction, I'm attempting University now xD Wish me luck guys.
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